A blueprint for the future Native Hawaiian government, our constitution is modeled after others around the world and at its core is all that is Hawaiian – our ancestors, language, culture, people, and values.

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• Identifies us as the “indigenous peoples of Hawaiʻi ”
• Affirms our values and kuleana to our ʻāina, kanaka, and traditional ʻike
• Reserves right to continually pursue Self-Determination

Declaration of Rights

• Preserves both collective and individual rights
• Confirms customary and traditional rights as well
• Affirms and maintains current rights of Hawaiian Homes beneficiaries

Of the Nation

• Defines citizenship
• Confirms that US citizenship will not be affected
• Makes ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi and English official languages

Purpose and Principles of Government

• Confirms that the kuleana of the government is to provide for our people and ʻāina
• States that ours is a government of laws, which shall pursue repatriation of our lands, engage in foreign relations, and empower home rule



• Elected by citizens for four year terms
• Includes Cultural and Home Rule Seats


• Representation by Population and ʻĀina
• Passes laws to support the citizenry


• Focused on restorative justice
• Guided by hoʻoponopono and cultural tribunals


• Constitution becomes effective by a majority vote of eligible citizens over 18

Amendments, Constitutional Convention

• As a living document, can be amended by the people
• A Constitutional Convention shall be held by year 8