For over 120 years, we as Native Hawaiians have been working to rebuild our Nation and reclaim our kuleana as leaders in our homeland to make Hawaiʻi better for us all. With our Constitution in hand, we move forward to ratification and invite everyone to join in this effort.


Our Kumu Kānāwai

The Native Hawaiian governance convention or ʻAha was held in February 2016. Over 120 participants came together in Maunawili and emerged from the 4-week-long ʻAha with a 19-page Constitution that provides the framework for rebuilding our Hawaiian Nation. 

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What? Who? Why? When?

Why Now?

History shows our ongoing efforts to correct wrongs and reestablish our government to create a better, stronger Hawaiʻi for us all. We have worked together for generations to create and sustain critical education, healthcare, social services, and economic development programs for the benefit and advancement of our people. Now is the time for us to act to reclaim, protect, and enhance our resources and make a better Hawaiʻi for all of  us.

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The process of rebuilding our nation and drafting our Constitution is complex and involves several components and activities.  This process can prompt many questions: Who is leading this effort? Who wrote this constitution? Can I vote in the election? Why do we have to raise private money? Find answers to these and other questions here.